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Fosters make a difference!

Have you ever considered being a foster for a shelter pet? Colleton County Animal Services is always in need of foster homes for the shelter pets in their care. Kittens will start rolling in soon and the shelter will be bombarded with furry felines in all colors and sizes. The little bitty kitties just don't do well in a shelter though. Kittens under 6 weeks old have a higher survival chance when they are in a home.

Being in a home helps kittens become used to humans and improves their social skills. Neo-nates, also known as bottle babies need help with eating, going potty and regulating body heat. Fosters who don't work full time or work from home are great fosters for these little ones. Usually they are more independent within a week or two!

Toddlers, kittens who are 4 to 6 weeks are learning to eat solid food and need frequent small meals. Close monitoring ensures all kittens get enough to eat and that kittens are gaining weight and have normal stools.

Like a little challenge? Some of our kittens have not had much experience with humans. Placing them in a home with humans who will teach them the joys of being a pet increases their chances of having a home of their own.

If you love to tend to the babies who are sick, we always need medical fosters. Health issues range from upper respiratory illness, eye issues, skin issues and trauma recovery. It's hard work but so rewarding when they recover and move onto happy lives!

The length of time for fostering varies, depending on the age and health of the kittens, adoption/rescue demand and space at the shelter. We usually post an approximate length of time for the foster commitment.

With the help of FoCCAS, our shelter will provide everything you need to be a success with your kittens! If you would like to help out this kitten season, just fill out the shelter's foster application and send it to

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